Inner Strength Pilates is owned and operated by Nancy Brose,  our home studio –  Howling Dog Studio is in Sammamish, Washington.

We teach a combination of traditional Pilates exercises, as well as additional fitness methodologies to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Inner Strength Pilates focuses on the pillars of Pilates and additional methodologies, enabling its clientele to identify their unique rhythm and develop deep structural muscles of the body’s core.

Inner strength pilates instructor teaching at Howling Dog Studio

If you want to strengthen and realign, increase your athletic performance, and to move with more ease and less pain, you will love the work we do. So take the time. Improve your athletic performance, increase bone formation, look and feel better. Train with us at Inner Strength Pilates.

Browse through our site to learn about our Services or educate yourselves about the wonderful world of Pilates and Movement. Hope to see you at the Howling Dog Studio sometime soon!

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