Studio Cleaner Recipe

By on March 9, 2016

My studio cleaner recipe. You asked so here it is!  I use both essentials oils that have been identified as antispetic and anti fungal along with some other basic ingredients. I wanted a cleaner that was reliable enough to keep the studio equipment and mats clean, smell good and not be harsh on either the equipment or people in the studio.

cleaner basicsFirst, acquire all of your ingredients and a spray bottle of your choice.  As you can see I purchase my ingredients in bulk because cleaning the studio is a many times a day task.  Use whatever source you trust, an ounce of each oil will last for several batches.


  • Lavender – (I use Lavender Grosso)
  • Tea Tree Oil – Antiseptic/Antifungal (mine is sourced in Australia, others are good too the smell is different on each).
  • RoseGeranium Compound – anti fungal (may just be called Geranium oil)
  • Grapefruit Seed Oil (smallest container you can find)
  • Liquid Silver (one of the two chemicals rated by the CDC as effective against MRSA)
  •  White Vinegar (nothing fancy, I just buy it at Costco)

For my bottles I choose a shape that appeals to me, recycling a bottle from a store bought cleaner.  Over time, the oils may clog your spray nozzle and you will need to replace the bottle, so don’t become too attached.

cleaner in studio

Once you have all the ingredients and your bottle get ready to mix it all.

First add water and vinegar to the bottle, use a half and half mix . — Fill your bottle to about and inch to ½ inch below the top.  Start adding the essential oils – this is not an exact science. When done your essentials oils will only be a thin layer on top of the water – my bottle in the photo has about ⅛”, if you look closely you might be able to see.  Start with the tea tree oil, try a tablespoon and see how strong that smells,  add an equal amount of lavender and about half that of the rose geranium oil.  Add more oils if you want a stronger batch until you have about ⅛ layer of oils.   These oils can be overpowering so start small and add bit by bit.  Sometimes just for smell I add a bit of Jasmine or Spearmint to the mix, be creative.

Once you have the oils in add a dropper full of the liquid silver and a few drops of the geranium oil.  Put the top on, Shake and VOILA!

For the final green cleaning element I use Norwex silver impregnated cleaning cloths to be double sure no bacteria hangs around.  I use this cleaner ,on my pilates equipment, mats, and Yamuna Balls.  BTW, I don’t use this on my kitchen counters because the oils can sometimes leave a sheen, but I will use it to clean the car interior.  ENJOY



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