Mother’s Day Waffles!

By on May 8, 2015

Waffles on a pilates studio page you say?  Finding that balance between nutrition, exercise and peace of mind is an important part of the Mind Body Spirit exercise regime.  For me, peace of mind includes taking time for a delicious meal that meets my (and my family’s) needs of being gluten free and low glycemic; and knowing I will have the energy to make it through a day of Pilates and teaching.  This Mother’s Day my gift to you is a waffle recipe that meets those conditions and is not only wheat gluten free and grain free, but also contains CHOCOLATE!!  — .
I found this recipe back in March when I was hosting a brunch for my daughter and her bridesmaids.  The best way to get this recipe is to go directly to its source, then you can see some great photos and print off the recipe in a concise format.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of Juli’s blog post for the recipe.

So here they are Mini Chocolate Waffles from the Juli Bauer’s PaleOMG blog site , created by Katja of Savory Lotus – both of them have tasty and nutritious recipes — check them out when you have time.

They have become a staple in our the house.  I always make a double batch so I can freeze several weeks worth of easy “toast and go” breakfast.  I also add cacao nibs for extra texture.  My favorite way to eat them is with fresh fruit (especially raspberries) and walnut butter.  For an extra delicious taste, try with  Ginger Syrup from the Ginger People.

If you have only baked with wheat flour this dough will be more solid than what you are used to.  It refrigerates well if you want to cook some each morning and removes easily from my cast iron stove top waffle maker.  Enjoy.