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I’m delighted you chose to look at client comments. There is nothing better than knowing what clients think of a teacher.  I take great care with each person I teach and am delighted to share some of their comments with you. – Nancy

“My Chiropractor has always recommended Pilates as a way to minimize the number of visits to his office, to make the visits more maintenance versus treatment of pain, and to ultimately make me stronger. In 2010 I took his advice, and began training at Inner Strength Pilates Studio. 
The results have been outstanding. Over the last couple of years, the back pain that I experience is minimal or nonexistent. Also, when I do have some pain, the stretching exercises Nancy has provided give me a tool to work out the issue. 
Nancy was very aware of my “weak back”, and was able to focus in on ways to make it stronger, without risking any injury. Ultimately, the program and exercises she put together allowed me to build strength, and get back to other exercises at the gym that I had been neglecting. 
I highly recommend Nancy to anyone looking to get stronger, or help manage some physical issues that may be slowing you down. The results from her personal focus were rewarding and the casual atmosphere of her studio makes it a very enjoyable and fun experience.” Tim C, director Attachmate Corp.
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Nancy is an amazing instructor. In addition to the Pilates workout, Nancy provides a systems approach to determine why one’s body may be experiencing pain or muscle tightness. With Nancy’s incredible knowledge, she was able to help determine a major muscle problem in my 12 year old’s hip and lower back region. Nancy is compassionate and works well with adults and kids. I would highly recommend Nancy to those who wants to get fit and toned or need assistance with building strength.”  Angela M

I learned from Nancy how to be more efficient in my swimming.  I trained with her for 6 years from age 13-18.  Pilates increased my strength and balance and helped me to stay in line when in the pool.  The work I did with Nancy was very helpful and is necessary for almost any athlete.  Chase G, 2010 Washington State Swimming Champion

Because of my training with Nancy, now for several years, I have become stronger, I have better balance, and I walk more erect.  As a 66 year old school teacher I can keep up with the best of them.  I just recently tried sea kayaking in Florida and had no trouble getting in or out of the boat.  I was able to comfortably paddle, feeling the strength I had gained through pilates.  I would highly recommend Nancy.  She is totally present during each training session (she doesn’t take her eyes off of what you are doing!).  She strives to gain new knowledge on how to train people of different ages.  She is very knowledgable about working with older clients, like me, who are dealing with bone issues.  Whatever your physical needs, give Inner Strength Pilates a try.  I know you will see results.  Janie U

Pilates has really helped my lower back.  I really noticed the difference when I had to quit due to some health issues requiring surgery.  I was great to get back, I look forward to my time with Nancy.  I am more limber, have less morning stiffness. And  I use the “getting up” (from sitting) advice every week at choir.  Judy S


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