“In 10 sessions you will begin to feel different
In 20 sessions you will begin to look different
In 30 sessions your body will be changed”  — Joseph Pilates

Private and Duet (2 people) appointments are Inner Strength Pilates specialty.  A private or duet pilates session with Nancy is a wonderful way to get the attention you may need.  If interested, call (206) 409-3080 or email Nancy(at) innerstrengthpilates(dot)biz to schedule.  Pricing, schedule and class/workshop signup is available online (privates and duets need to be scheduled directly with Nancy).

Private Lessons
-1 Hour of 1 on 1 work-

We will spend a portion of your first session making sure you know how to access your core muscles. There are over 300 different Pilates exercises, Pre-Pilates , Yamuna Body Rolling, Foot Fitness and imagery movement techniques that we can use to make sure your body improves.  We will have the options to use the Pilates Reformers and Wall Units, Arc Barrels, Spine Correctors, Stability Chair, Yamuna Balls, large size gym balls, Franklin balls and small weights and SmartSpine accessories.  Nancy will apply the full range of her training from STOTT Pilates to ZEN*GA, Fascial fitness, Aston, Franklin & SmartSpine. We can focus on rehabilitation or on a specific sport oriented fitness workout.

Individual Sessions: $$$
Grouped Sessions: $$/10 Sessions


Private session, advanced level work

Private session, advanced level work

Duet Lessons
-1 Hour of 2 on 1 work-

Semi-privates or duets are two clients to one teacher, the same techniques and approach as a private but a little less costly and it is with a friend. In most cases, you will need to bring your own partner.  If you are interested in duets but do not have someone to share with, sometimes Nancy will be able to match you with another interested party.  You never know ’til you ask!

Individual Sessions: $$$
Grouped Sessions: $$/10 Sessions




Our movement training is more than just pilates.  Nancy is trained in methods which use terms like pre-pilates, mindful movement and body sustainibility.  

Yamuna Body Rolling
-1 Hour of 6 week series-

Realign your muscle groups, challenge your core muscles and finish class feeling like you have been challenged and just had a deep massage.  YBR is a form of exercise that stimulates the bone, bringing more blood flow into the ligaments and muscles.  This class is a progressive series using Yamuna Balls; open up the hip joint and get better movement and leg flexibility. Roll the shoulder, back and rib cage to free up your breathing, arm and neck movement.

Mat and balls provided.

Arcs, Balls & Bands (ABBs)
-1 Hour of 4 week series-

Unwind your spine…This class uses the spine corrector, flex bands, weighted balls and other props to give a well rounded workout. The spine corrector is a modified arc that helps isolate core muscles and give feedback of weak or strong areas.  Flex bands & balls provide opportunities to mimic work done on the pilates equipment.   Safe for those with bone density concerns.

Equipment provided.