Our Approach

Inner Strength Pilates is located at Howling Dog Studio in Sammamish, Washington. We focus on combining traditional Pilates exercises with additional fitness methodologies to help achieve your fitness goals. Our training includes: Yamuna Body Rolling and Foot Fitness, Aston Patterning, the Franklin Method, Tom Meyers Anatomy Trains, The SmartSpine Work of Marie Jose Blom, and Reiki. Inner Strength Pilates enables its clientele to identify their unique rhythm and develop deep structural core muscles by focusing on the pillars of Pilates and these additional methodologies.
MISSION: Our mission is to help you build your inner strength. We are dedicated to intelligent application of exercises that meet your specific body needs.  Our goal is to to help you take your strength, balance and performance to its next level.  We incorporate Pilates with other movement techniques, such as Yamuna Body Rolling & Foot Fitness, the Aston Paradigm and Franklin Method to insure your strength is efficient and long lasting.