The barres have arrived!

By on March 5, 2017

The barres have arrived! Our new barres are unpacked, ready for installation and for your lovely hands. No dog paws for these babies – they are great for us people to improve balance with our four paws, eh hem… feet, hands, hips and shoulders…

Total Barre at Howling Dog Studio coming soon for a limited time! We are getting excited for the upcoming Total Barre Mini Series over St Patrick’s Day weekend, including a workshop and two classes.  Come enjoy our guest instructor Kathryn Brose as she takes us through the steps of basic Total Barre.  Learn how to do Barre safely and find out what may challenge you.Barre

Do you know the difference between a squat and a pliĆ©?  Ever wonder about hip mobility and flexibility? Do you want better balance or more strength?  Come experience Barre and take what you learn with confidence to any other Barre class going forward.

If you want to step forward with your best foot, dance a jig, stretch and wake your feet – — we’ve paired this with our Foot Fitness workshop on the early eve of St Patrick’s Day. Where you may even learn a traditional Irish jig! Find your inner strength and inner dancer all while wearing green.

See you at the Barre!

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