Our Mission

Our mission is to help you build your inner strength.

We are dedicated to intelligent application of exercises that meet your specific body needs.  Our goal is to to help you take your strength, balance and performance to its next level.  We incorporate Pilates with other movement techniques, such as Yamuna Body Rolling & Foot Fitness, the Aston Paradigm and Franklin Method to insure your strength is efficient and long lasting.

Whether through an injury, childbirth, or a long stint “driving” a desk our core muscles (the source of our inner strength) can just stop working.  The body’s superficial muscles take over our movement.  This creates inefficient movement patterns or dysfunction.  Eventually, without core strength and balance the inefficient patterns develop into chronic pain or repetitive motion injury.  With elite athletes this may happen early in life or follow an acute injury.  With weekend adventurers it can happen slowly with age.  Focusing on inner core strength will help you gain efficient movement.  Bonus —  if you feel better you. you look better!