Men and Pilates

Men and Pilates have been together for 100 years.  Pilates was developed by a man – Joseph Pilates.  Originally developed for his own health improvement (As a young boy he had both rickets and asthma and was unable do all that his peers could.)  Joe continued to use his method with men and pilates during World War I when he helped to rehabilitate wounded English Soldiers.

Joseph Pilates method was developed from Grecian and Roman Martial Arts as well as Yoga… He developed a regime that improved breathing and increased joint movement, muscle flexibility and strength.  After consistent practice at this method Joe Pilates himself eventually became a boxer, gymnast and male model.  He also continued to develop his work and had a desire to help others.

A german national living in England Joe Pilates was interred during WWI.  He ended up in a camp that was also where injured soldiers were convalescing.  He became active in their rehabilitation.  It was during this time that he took apart army cots and developed his machines to rehabilitate and train these soldiers.  His work helped these men to recover from their injuries, strengthen and return home fit and flexible.  Definitely a men and pilates connection.

Men – if you are reading this and interested in

  • great looking abs?
  • improved athletic performance?
  • increased flexibility

Then contact us and give pilates try.

You may not have been shot during combat or otherwise significantly disabled but most likely you have a few injuries from what ever life has thrown at you or you have thrown at it. The pilates equipment was specifically designed by a man for men and women to use to isolate those weak muscles and bring back their strength!