What is Reiki how do we use this energy work


Reiki is a laying on of hands to create a calming state in the body and assist the body’s energy or life force flow to repair itself.  Imagine an electrical circuit that has static in it which needs to be cleared away.  Your body has a similar energy force or aura that surrounds it. — Before disease shows up in the body it is felt or exists as a disruption in the body’a aura or energy flow.  Find this difficult to take in?

As time, current neurological research and quantum physics have begun to show, there is a spiritual/life energy force connection to the body’s healing.  If you work in the ‘mind-body’ movement or treatment realm you realize that it is truly ‘mind-body-spirit’ balanced.  This is a paradigm that is more readily accepted in Eastern medical practices and is being more and more embraced in the Western Medical and Rehabilitation fields.

There are fears and other emotions held in the muscle fibers of the body.  I have seen these ‘muscle memories’ inhibit movement and create dysfunctional compensation patterns.  When this happens I sometimes use Reiki, when a client desires it, to help them release these patterns, and move with more freedom.  I also take private Reiki clients.

Reiki is not a form of massage, nor does it involve muscle or joint manipulation.  With the laying on of hands, and training as to where to lay the hands, Reiki gives the body’s energy field the chance to overcome its disruptions.  While it is not a belief system it is based on the understanding that the calming peace, and energy realignment, which happens during the laying on of hands comes from God.  Rei itself is from a Japanese word meaning all knowing spirit, source of life — God.  Ki is a similar word to chi, life force.  The word Reiki itself means God’s spirit (Rei) moving into life force (ki). * ‘Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability… The feeling of being connected directly to God’s healing love and protection is clearly apparent.’ – William Lee Rand, International Center for Reiki Healing, www.reiki.org

Here at the studio we also offer Reiki Practitioner training. For more information on upcoming attunement/training click thru here.

Does it matter what a person believes to learn Reiki? – no.  Dr Usui who began teaching an early version of Reiki was Buddhist.  Many pastors/priests, nurses and physical therapists practice it regardless of belief system.  Can it matter what a person believes who performs Reiki on you? – Yes.  It is important that you trust the belief system of the person who lays hands on you and that you are comfortable with them.  Otherwise it will be difficult for you to relax and receive.  Energy work on the body in general is about unconditional love, acceptance and the healing that brings about.   Here at Howling Dog Studio we approach Reiki from a Christian perspective that acknowledges the Holy Spirit can move through our hands and guide them. …And that we are dependent upon the Holy Spirit for that guidance.  Does it matter to us what you believe when you come to train as a practitioner or for treatment? – no, again it matters that you are comfortable with and trust our approach…