What is Aston Patterning and how I incorporate it

What is Aston Patterning?  Aston Patterning or Aston Kinetics is based on the observations and work of Judith Aston regarding human movement, structure, learning, and self-expression. Key features of this paradigm are every body is asymmetrical, unique, three-dimensional, and spiraling in motion and form.

A dancer and movement expert, Judith originally learned and practiced body work with Ida Rolf.  As her work developed she observed that the body responded better when muscle trauma was allowed to release and unwind rather than being forced back into alignment.  This was best accomplished by moving into and through one’s asymmetrical pattern (or physical reaction to the trauma) to obtain release.

Aston Patterning allows an approach to pilates and movement which differs in subtle ways but can help the body release tension and achieve great efficiency and ease of movement.  The training has helped me to more readily recognize the source of a clients movement inefficiency (which is often the source of pain).

As you do pilates here at Inner Strength Pilates I will help you to recognize some of your body patterns that cause your inefficiency and pain.  You might be surprised at what they are- it is not always where you might think.  You will learn to move through your asymmetry   become more efficient, gain release and achieve greater functional balance.  And it will happen without feeling as if you are fighting or forcing yourself.

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